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Deleted Disney Songs

As Long as There’s a Moon // Beyond the Laughing Sky // Clair De Lune // Dancing to the Wedding Drum // Human Again // Humiliate the Boy // I Can’t Believe My Heart // If I Never Knew You // I’m Odd // Keep ‘Em Guessing // The Middle of the River // The Morning Report // One Dance // Proud of Your Boy // To Be King // Why Me? // The Work Song

OMG I Can’t Believe My Heart is so beautiful, they should have kept it to show more of Megara’s struggle with falling in love. I wish they would have kept Dancing to the Wedding Drum because it would have given a better connection to Pocahontas and her village. Also, If I Never Knew You makes me heart melt.






filling a bathtub with the substance, throwing the person you hate the most in the tub and throwing the ice cube in the tub right after …. it would be over

such evil minds in this place

i love this evilness 

Nah, don’t just throw it in you gotta flick it dramatically over your shoulder without looking as you walk away, preferably with a darkly humorous one-liner.

"The cold never bothered me anyway"

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